Eurathlon 2015

Three domain robotics competition inspired by the 2011 Fukushima accident.


There were three categories of scenarios:

  • Trial: single-domain scenarios.
  • Sub-Challenge: two-domain scenarios; each is a combination of two trials.
  • The Grand Challenge: a three-domain scenario, which comprises three missions.

Eurathlon 2015 three domain robotics competition
Team of land, underwater and flying robots working together. []
There were a total of one Grand Challenge, three Sub-Challenges and six trials:

  • The Grand Challenge
  • Sub-Challenge (L+A): Survey the building and search for a missing worker
  • Sub-Challenge (S+A): Pipe inspection and search for a worker
  • Sub-Challenge (L+S): Stem the leak
  • Land Trial (L1): Reconnaissance in urban structure
  • Land Trial (L2): Mobile Manipulation (stopcock open/closing)
  • Sea Trial (S1): Navigation and environmental survey
  • Sea Trial (S2): Leak localisation and stopcock open/closing
  • Air Trial (A1): Aerial detection and mapping
  • Air Trial (A2): Aerial reconnaissance inside a building


Grand Challenge results: (Land + Air +Sea)
1st: Cobham + Universitat de Girona + ISEP/INESC TEC
2nd equal: ICARUS
2nd equal: Bebot + AUV Team TomKyle
3rd: ENSTA Bretagne Team 1